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8 Signs To Invest In ERP System

ERP Implementation in Lebanon, Odoo Beirut ERP systems today are designed to help small to medium size companies grow and expand. Today, not only has ERP become possible for many small-scale businesses, ERP system even facilitates businesses to reach up to the level of industry players! Cloud ERP software, like

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Keep track of your customers with CRM software

From the moment a potential customer shares any of their information with your company, they enter your CRM software database – CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. A CRM software provides your business with a centralized database, accessible to all of your employees regardless of their location and bridging the

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ERP: The Solution to grow and scale your business

Once exclusive to large-scale enterprises, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems today can cater to nearly every organization. Used to manage day-to-day business activities, ERP systems tie together and define loads of business processes, and enable the flow of data between them. One cannot deny the importance of ERP nowadays; an

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ERP History

As far as software history goes, the History of ERP is a rather interesting one. Dating back to 100 years and initially developed as in-house, proprietary programs by large organizations, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems today have grown out of the manufacturing resource planning (MRP) systems in use since

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