SAKR Real estate used Odoo to manage their sales pipeline

SAKR real estate, needed to find a solution in 3 days to capture a business opportunity in the hundred of millions that happens once in a lifetime. Azkatech, the Odoo gold partner with reach to UAE, helped SAKR implement a solution on top of a customized Odoo CRM.

SAKR real estate is a game changer when it comes to properties marketing and sales in Lebanon and MENA. In addition to management, marketing and sales consultancy in the regional real estate markets, they manage a team of two hundred employees .This team procures key listings and sell their inventory.

SAKR real estate (SRE) used to use Google online sheet to manage their leads and inventories.

However, growing to tens of thousands leads, the online sheet was maxed out. It became painfully slow and it became a bottleneck to their teams. SAKR real estate needed to eliminate the traditional lead generating process and immediately contact prospects and market them in a way that yield results. They know that a property management solution is an important tool in the real estate industry. Hence, SAKR chose Azkatech as its industry leading product, since it is kept up-to-date with continuous updates and customization points.

Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner, was there to help them. They required a property management solution to be live within few days to catch the business opportunity at hand.

Azkatech was up to the challenge and customized Odoo ERP to capture the details needed for real estate sales. The property management solution was ready to serve the increasing number of leads in such a fast time span allowing SAKR to manage them in a fully optimized way.

Their scope covered the following:

Odoo CRM:

A customized version allowed to create two Odoo CRM pipelines.

  • Sales Pipeline for selling properties.
  • Procurement Pipeline to acquire new properties.

The customization covered new concept, unique for the real estate and SAKR. Concepts like payment methods, area of interest, property size and amenities, prices and negotiated prices, open doors, site visits and evaluations.

Two main workflows were implemented:

  • Sales workflow: that covered multi touches from the first call till closing a deal. In addition, leads that weren’t satisfied at the moment are archived. The  system is able to re-activate once an opportunity arise and meets the lead requirements.
  • Procurement workflow software: that captured an opportunity to acquire a property. This happened through the cycle needed to evaluate, collect the legal papers and document, professional estimation, pricing then negotiation and acquisition.

The innovative and flexible solutions increase the possibility of a secure payment process for the end customer. On the other hand, the customized and automated calculator that Azkatech made for SAKR facilitated the price calculations and payments. This offers a great customer experience and user interface.

With the help of Odoo and the implementation of Azkatech, SAKR was able to capitalize on the 6 months window of opportunities. In addition they could sell all their inventory and ended up with tens of thousands of leads and opportunities. The company’s real estate decisions today is to optimize information about the entire property portfolio to position for tomorrow’s capacity needs and growth.

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