A successful Odoo implementation starts with the right Odoo partner

Odoo implementation in Lebanon

Integrating an enterprise management system into your business is no easy task. But, if implemented properly, an ERP system will drastically improve your business processes, providing you with flexible, scalable and mobile solutions. Odoo ERP implementation process encompasses various phases that must be carried out with utmost understanding, not only of the system but the business at large.

1. Analysis and planning

Requirements analysis and planning are key to a successful implementation. This first step requires you to set up a management team that would define the costs and benefits of such a project, as well as the stages to be carried out.

Though Open Source ERP such as Odoo is easy to start using, implementing it on the other hand is not as obvious – especially to the IT staff. The difficulty lies not in installing the software but knowing what and how to configure it, as well as map Odoo functionalities to your business processes in order to maximize the benefits; which processes to modify and which to newly adopt. This makes ERP implementation a business project rather than an IT project.

Another challenge is to change the behavior at all levels of the enterprise, which requires it to be led by someone who understands the business impact across the organization and has experience in technical projects, as well as rolling out an organization-wide project.

2. Odoo ERP deployment and installation

Deployment is the process of putting an Odoo ERP in such a way that it can be used by everyone for their daily work. To deploy Odoo ERP in your company, several options are available, of which the most commonly used approaches:

Software as a Service or on-demand

SaaS (Software as a Service) or On-Demand offer includes the equipment, hosting, maintenance and support on a system that is configured in advance based on your specific needs as a business. It is provided in the form of a monthly or yearly subscription with a fixed price. You can find the detail of Odoo’s SaaS packages on Odoo’s pricing page. SaaS packages do not allow you to develop specific modules to your needs, but offer a service that is based on standard software modules. The main advantages of an Open ERP SaaS solution such as Odoo ERP are:

  • Great return on investment with minimal implementation costs
  • Controlled costs given maintenance and support are covered
  • Sold architecture that guarantees reliable access from everywhere
  • A turnkey solution that can get you started within hours
  • The service provider will take care of maintenance, backup, upgrades and high availability

An Open ERP SaaS solution is recommended for small companies with minimal specific processes.

On premises or private cloud installation

On premises or private cloud installation on the other hand provides Open ERP from a remote installation through a web browser. The hosting offer should include the following elements: server hardware, hosting, maintenance, future migrations, backups, server redundancy, ongoing support, and updates to the modules.
Having your initial implementation done by an Official Odoo partner limits the risks and delays of integration. Your Open ERP implementation in Lebanon is therefore managed by experts; this allows you to customize the system, forms, templates and workflows that suites your custom needs.

Self-hosted installation may be costlier to start with than a SaaS package but allows for Odoo customization and to be in full control. Large and medium-large companies typically install it on premises or a private cloud, as they prefer having their own IT team or an Official Odoo partner in charge and control. Self-hosted implementation allows you to:

  • Keep your data within your company
  • Develop your own modules, specific workflows and reports
  • Have access to the software even when your internet connection goes down when hosted on premises

3. Odoo training

  • Odoo’s technical training is an intensive training that allows you to develop your own modules or modify and adapt existing ones. This training is designed for IT people in a “company near me” concept, and covers the creation of new objects, menus, interfaces, as well as reports and workflows. This training is not very useful if you opt for the SaaS development option or can be handled by an Official Odoo implementation partner who has a team trained in Odoo development and Odoo customization in Lebanon
  • User training on the other hand, enables you to be productive as rapidly as possible, and make use of Odoo functionality to the maximum. All of the modules feature concrete examples, with data for a fictitious company. This training is designed for those responsible for an ERP project, and who can then train employees internally.
  • Your Certified Odoo partner in Lebanon can also provide customized training that is focused on your own needs, and based on your customized Odoo implementation.

4. Odoo support and maintenance

Maintenance and support are critical for your long-term success. Support is technical and functional, and ensures that your end users get maximum productivity from their use of an Odoo implementation. In contrast, maintenance ensures that the system continues to function as required. It includes system upgrades, giving you access to the latest functionality available. Azkatech, an Official Odoo partner in Lebanon even offers preventative maintenance, to make sure that your system is always working and your data is safe.  

Without maintenance, your future costs may become quite significant.

Updates and upgrades

You should establish a procedure with your Odoo supplier that defines how to respond to changes in Odoo itself, or request new business functionalities. The Odoo developer in Lebanon will first test patches and changes on a staging version of Odoo, and once approved they will be released to the live production version. Maintenance also ensures regular updates to the software.

Odoo migration

Open ERP has a system to manage migrations semi-automatically. Yet, with major release, it will require operations that are not provided in the automated migration and requires a certified Odoo developer to handle the job (e.g. Odoo 11 to Odoo 12 migration)

With proper planning, conceptualization, preparation, and support, Azkatech’s, one of the top Odoo companies in Lebanon, can guarantee a successful Odoo Implementation that takes into account your future business scalability, at a reasonable cost.

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