7 Ways ERP Can Help Your Team’s Workflow

Enterprise Resource Planning, more commonly known as ERP, is a software that businesses and companies can use to manage their information internally. This management tool ups efficiency and motivation and helps corporations, big and small, make the most out of their teams’ time and work.

Here are 5 ways an ERP like Odoo can help your team’s workflow:

1. Provides real-time visibility over projects in detail

Using Odoo ERP can help give you an eagle-eye view over any given task input into the software. This allows for time management, and detection of delays prior to them actually missing a deadline.

2. Integrates tasks under one project

If you have several departments working on one project, all of their individual tasks can be placed under one big title in Odoor ERP, and tracked according to department, employee, and stages.

3. Provides access from anywhere, even outside the office

Odoo ERP provides access from your mobile phone, anywhere you are and from any internet connection, meaning all employees can be in the loop on new tasks, projects, meetings, etc. at any given time.

4. Streamline HR processes

With Odoo ERP you can easily apply for leaves or vacation days and clock in and out on your timesheet, creating a seamless and efficient way to track and monitor employees’ work time and productivity.

5. Create detailed reports and assessments

Odoo ERP offers various reporting tools that can make assessing tasks and projects much easier and faster, which benefits all departments, including accounting and business development.

6. Use knowledge base tools

A task system can document the requirements of the needed work and share it among the team. It will limit the lack of access to information.

7. Face to face supervision

Oddo ERP will help you assign task and integrate times heet that shows where and how the past 8 h ours were spent. It will also break the social isolation by setting 1 to 1 meetings and scheduling groups talks that will help mentoring the entire team.

With Odoo web based ERP, you can :

  • Gain 20% in sales efficiency (or manufacturing or inventory…)
  • Increase sales productivity by 15% to 20%
  • Return on Investment in less than a year.

While guaranteeing efficient and on-point communication around the clock. Your team’s workflow will be streamlined and reorganized in a way to make your input worth it, with maximized output and monitoring across the board.

Get in touch with us or visit our website for more information on how Odoor ERP can help your team’s workflow.

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