How To Work From Home More Efficiently

With the recent global pandemic COVID-19, work from home or remote working has been adopted more and more by many companies in various industries. A lot of companies have the concern of efficient work when it comes to having their employees working remotely. However, there are some easy ways to ensure more efficient remote work,

Here is how to work from home more efficiently.

1. Maintain regular working hours

Sticking to your regular schedule is necessary to stay in the routine of things. Even if you work from home, you should stay on track with your team’s schedule and avoid working overnights when unnecessary. Follow the same routine as if you are going to the office. Instead of lying in bed, wearing your PJ, wake up on time, wear as if you are going to the office, take breakfast, brush your teeth and prepare your coffee and put it on your desk.

2. Make a daily plan

Start your day with a plan that takes into consideration your emails, tasks, your other team members and what they are waiting for and finishes it via a status email. Status email is important to keep your team and managers aware of what you are working on and helps them plan their day too.

3. Have a dedicated office space

Avoid family, friends and pets…remember you are in the office. Communicate the expectation with whoever you share home with. They may not know that you are in the office zone and not home.

4. Set time aside for your personal life and family

Aside from maintaining regular working hours, you should also maintain your family or social routine as much as possible. This means getting up from your computer during your usual break times, having lunch away from your computer, and spending time with your family after working hours rather than working overtime if unnecessary.

5. Follow up through your company’s ERP System

If your company uses an ERP System like Odoo, make sure to stay up to date with your work and filing, using all available tools to make your work easier, and make communication smoother between you and your team members.

6. Dress like you are at work

Do not try to work in your pajamas or sweatpants, because this can mess with your mental readiness to start your work day. When you work from home, it is important to dress like you would when going to the office or workplace.

7. Stay connected to managers and team members

Whether your work relies on collaboration or not, staying in touch with your colleagues and managers is essential to getting through a work from home phase and transitioning back into normal work life after things go back to normal. You can do so through many tools provided on an ERP System like Odoo.

8. Invest in quality technology

Invest in quality technology: mouse, phone, second screen. Have a good internet connection and minimize internet usage from streaming video, music or downloads. Ask your family to collaborate on internet usage too. Even if the way companies work has changed, staying on top of it all and producing excellent results for clients and customers should still be a top priority.

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