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What is Email Marketing

Most people have probably heard about email marketing but not many realize what it’s all about. Being known since the dawn of the Internet, email marketing is still efficient to this day. If your business doesn’t utilize this method of nurturing leads and keeping existing clients informed, then it is time to reconsider your marketing strategy. 

In a nutshell, email marketing is a way to tell prospects about your brand and products as well as update them on the latest trends via email newsletters.

Unlike other types of promotion, it is characterized by the highest return on investment since you only target the key audience, that is, the people who opted into your emails. Besides the obvious benefit of boosting sales, email marketing is able to carry out a wide range of task including bolstering brand awareness, building customer relationships, and reinforcing brand loyalty.

Getting Started with Email Marketing

Gone are those days when marketers had to send out emails manually. Today, reaching out to your subscribers is a snap with software for email marketing. With an automated email marketing solution, not only are you able to distribute your newsletter in a quick and systematic manner but also track the results of your campaigns. This means that information including the share of open emails, open rates, click rate, bounced emails, etc. is always close at hand. Thanks to these analytics, you can fine-tune your campaigns, and implement approaches that work the best.

The market is full with various email marketing solutions but you should keep in mind that they are not designed the same. The number of features, ease of use, and price may drastically vary from one app to another. If you are looking for versatile feature-packed software rocking an affordable price tag, Odoo email marketing systems are worth a shot. This app will come in handy for entrepreneurs of any scale and industry. With Odoo you can apply the email marketing best practices with little effort.

Odoo Email marketing software provides an easy solution to create personalized emails. You don’t need any knowledge of programming to craft a template with branded touch. It comes with dozens of easy-to-customize pre-built designs. If none of the options works, it is no trouble to create a template from scratch too.

Getting started with Odoo Email marketing

Odoo Email marketing app

If you have never dealt with email marketing apps before, you won’t find it hard to set-up and configure email marketing in Odoo according to your needs. The first step you need to take is sign up for free and then install the module Email Marketing from the app list

In order to start a new campaign, you need to click the Create button and enter the following details:

  • Add a subject line relevant to your campaign;
  • Specify recipients;
  • Select a preferred template;
  • Add marketing message, images, and other elements;
  • Specify delivery option.
Email marketing template

Odoo supports various custom mailing lists built by you. You are able to send out your newsletter to all subscribers at once or to selected lists. If you need to exclude a few contacts from mailing, you can click the Add filter button and specify filter criteria.

Odoo supplies dozens of pre-built templates fully customizable to meet your needs. You can add any element of email layout (text, logo, image, separator, button, etc.) by simply dragging it to the workspace. If required, you are able to adjust elements’ sizes and rearrange their positioning in only one click. In the same effortless way, you can add content to implement inbound marketing including Promo Codes, Discounts, Events, etc. No programming skills are needed at all!

Once a newsletter is created, you may access the Options tab to set-up preferred replies as well as attach necessary files. By clicking the Send Now button you will dispatch your mailing immediately. Alternatively, you can delay the delivery until a future day or time by using the Schedule option

Odoo Mailing list

Odoo provides comprehensive tools to manage subscribers’ mailing lists. By example if you don’t want particular recipients to obtain your newsletters, you can exclude them from mailing by checking the Opt Out option.

Other options includes creating blacklists to which you can add addresses you wish to exclude from mass mailing whatsoever.

The must have email marketing functions


What makes Odoo Email Marketing workflow different from competing software is its incredible ease of use. Thanks to an intuitive interface featuring drag’n’drop technology, building your own newsletters is a breeze. Just use one of the featured templates and alter it as you please. Courtesy of the rich selection of building blocks, you can create professional email designs in a matter of seconds.

Personalized newsletter
Personalized emails

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation
Segment your audience & customize the “from”

Email Marketing software is not only the means to deliver your message across the subscriber base but also make your newsletter more specific and personalized.

With the Odoo built-in segmentation feature, you can choose particular groups within your database and share your marketing message with them exclusively.

Odoo’s functionality allows breaking your mailing lists based on a country, opt-in date, function, tags, demgraphics, as well as any piece of information that you already collected like history of interactions and past purchases…

Segmentation makes it possible to implement an individual approach to your subscribers and concentrate your effort on delivering segment-relevant information.

Odoo email marketing analytics

Email campaign analytics

With email marketing in Odoo, all necessary information concerning your campaigns is always at your fingertips. You can keep track of the number of sent newsletters as well as the percentage of opened, replied, clicked, and bounced emails. Email marketing analytics permit marketers to get a grip on the outcome of campaigns and rapidly introduce changes if needed.

Marketing campaign performance

Link tracker

Thanks to Odoo Link Tracker, you can incorporate a tracking code to the links and monitor campaigns performance via a dashboard. On top of that, the software lends detailed statistics on conversion rates as well as analytics regarding expected and generated revenues.

Full integration with CRM

Odoo Marketing in conjunction with other Odoo apps creates a powerful all-around solution to keep every marketing-related aspect of your business under control. The integration is available with CRM, Lead Automation, Events, and Surveys. Whatever marketing tool your business requires, Odoo has got you covered!

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