Azkatech: your choice for ERP implementation in Lebanon

The partner you select when implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is as critical (if not more) than the solution you purchase. ERP implementations require ongoing consulting and project management. Your will be highly successful if your ERP partner is not only knowledgeable, but also dedicated to your success.

Azkatech is an international software development company headquartered in Beirut. The company takes pride in delivering innovative and custom software solutions for the toughest business problems, and in a vast range of industries. An official Odoo Beirut partner, Azkatech helps with ERP implementation in Lebanon, as well as customization, troubleshooting, and Odoo development.

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Why Azkatech is your go to partner:

1. Our ERP system implementation experts ensure you save on opportunity costs

With over 20 years of comprehensive experience in software development and ERP implementation, Azkatech professionals have the full suite of skills. Projects rely on the multi-disciplinary expertise of top professional software engineers, developers, system architects and digital designers. Azkatech is a true technology partner for any business, and is focused on long-term relationships instead of short-term hit and run projects.

Azkatech boasts senior people onboard; people with so much experience that they understand your requirements and deliver from the first time, with minimum error. The team includes experienced ERP software developers and business analysts who have mastered the full lifecycle of software development. Their synergy ensures delivery of the right technical solutions, addressing client needs and challenges.

2. Your know-how is never lost

Retention of employees is a priority at Azkatech. This ensures that your know-how does not get lost. When companies hire freelancers or outsource projects, once the project is done, the people in charge of that project tend to leave. The company then starts avoiding changing the software as per your company’s needs. At Azkatech, you will find the same person who personally handled your project, still here in 2 years when your software needs changes.

In addition to providing custom software development services, we also help businesses with software development out-staffing thus, fulfilling the “software engineers near me”. Out-staffing is a form of cooperation when we employ your software development staff in order to achieve ERP system implementation on your Odoo open source ERP solution or any IT project you may have. Understanding your business requirements and the type of solutions you need, we allocate the right talents for your business, train them and ensure the know-how is preserved even after the project is delivered.

3. We guarantee quality and successful delivery of your project

Azkatech follows strict development processes, without exception. We do not start with developing your code; we start with analysis. To build a building, you do not start by laying bricks around, you begin with a blueprint; the same goes for software implementation. That is why we always get the same high quality and successful results.

Azkatech has the technical and leadership experience to deliver large-scale projects. Having led international teams of up to 50 engineers based across the US, Lebanon, India, China and Argentina, we deliver high quality solutions with an impeccable track record.  We analyze your current enterprise pain points and advise you on end-to-end Odoo software solutions that are cost-efficient yet effective.

4. We help you own your code

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Besides turning your ideas into a reality through Odoo software and applications, Azkatech provides training, technical support, IT assistance partnership and open source ERP solutions. We aim at delivering a satisfactory experience to our clients through custom software development, as well as building long-term relationships.

Most companies hold onto your code in order to have leverage over your company, whenever changes are needed in the future. We, on the other hand, help you develop your own code, so that you may be free to make choices for your business when the time comes to upgrade.

5. We are within reach, all the time

Every business is unique in the way it operates, and in its objectives. There is no “one size fits all” solution. Being one of the most innovative software companies in Lebanon, we follow a thoughtful strategy for our Odoo Beirut software development process that guarantees successful outcome for both parties.

After having an initial consultation with our clients, we analyze their business requirements, create a plan based on phases or iterations, develop the software solution and then provide support for ongoing maintenance. We keep our clients in the loop in order to have feedback early on in the process. We ensure 24-hour availability, and provide IT assistance and technical support. We understand that having proximity to your software provider is important for your business.

6. We are reliable and accountable

When Azkatech develops a project, we do not put all the risk on the client; we carry some of it. We always make sure to estimate the project correctly, and we stick to the quotations we give. In the software industry, a trick that is often done by software developers is that they agree on a very strict specification document/contract that you must adhere to, even if the product is incomplete. Then, when deviation from the original document is needed, the client gets charged extra for that deviation; an amount unaccounted for when the project initially begun.

The hidden requirements that the ERP system implementation developer knows, clients do not. We ensure that our estimates are accurate, and give you a complete estimate of the Odoo software solution you need for your business. What you see is what you get.

Azkatech is one of the top technology companies for ERP implementation in Lebanon, providing custom software solutions at affordable rates without ever compromising with the quality and the features. For more information, visit our website.

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