Toyota is an Odoo ERP system user too!

Who is using Odoo? Toyota uses it to solve organizational problem.

Efficiency is everything. And when a business operates a distribution network on an international scale, every workflow needs to be optimized. In such operations, a functional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution becomes a necessity to remain competitive; as long as the ERP is highly customizable and easy to implement.

Before Odoo implementation, Toyota Material Handling – a member of the Toyota Industries Corporation – underwent some big organizational changes in their group, aimed at restructuring operations to better manage distribution and supply in Europe.

Toyota Material Handling had built a custom-made solution for the configuration of their highly customizable trucks – the source of 40% of their business. The problem however was that their factory in Italy was facing difficulties such as proper handling of the orders received, organizing the production and purchase of trucks from abroad, and organizing shipment and invoices to customers. The company found that instead of taking down the entire old system to replace it with something else, they could custom-make a solution that would add benefits to their existing restructuring.

Toyota did not have an ERP in place, and could not afford taking risks with big investments. Many ERP software packages are built as a one-size-fits-all solution. For companies like Toyota Industries Corporation, major ERPs have a flaw: they cannot add new features to adjust to the corporation’s changing needs. Given a traditional ERP solution did not answer their requirements, and building their own system would have cost too much, they had to opt for the only solution that seemed plausible; Odoo. And though the initial focus was on sales, the scope of the open-source Odoo solution implemented was far bigger than that.

Toyota’s Odoo implementation Approach

Toyota Odoo ERP system user

First, Toyota used Odoo Sales in order to manage their orders. Then, through Odoo Inventory, they could ensure that the corresponding products are available when an order takes place. Next came procurement, for which they used two flows: Odoo Manufacturing for products that are manufactured in-house, and Odoo Purchase for the products they import from their factories in Japan, China and the US. And finally, Odoo Accounting was also added so they can invoice their customers directly from Odoo.

Azkatech, an Official Odoo partner in Lebanon, follows a similar Odoo implementation in Lebanon, aimed at minimizing the risk on clients. The company gradually brings users onboard, and gives them the bandwidth to adapt the software to their needs.

Why is Odoo Open source ERP better than other ERP solutions?

After evaluating the enterprise-level options in the market, Toyota chose Odoo.

  • The solution is faster to implement.

They were able to implement the software in only six months, which reduced risk and allowed them a return on investment sooner.

  • What are the Odoo advantages for Toyota?

The difference between Odoo and other ERPs, like JDE, Microsoft dynamics, SAP One, is that Odoo is an open source ERP software that allows third-party app developers to offer new functionalities for users through a growing development community. While some enterprise ERP software suites allow feature development, they are not open source ERPs, which means that new features are more limited and take much longer to implement.

  • Business value is maximized.

By choosing Odoo, Toyota Material Handling could focus on customizing the ERP platform for their business’s unique features; all the while leveraging their best assets in IT, their people.

  • Cost implementation is minimized

They could supplement Odoo’s core functionality with apps from the community and develop new features as per the need.

  • System integration is easier.

Toyota could also integrate Odoo implementation with their legacy systems, hence reducing the learning curve for employees.

The result was an ERP software that was much more flexible, much less expensive and faster than a proprietary tool.

To get a truly optimized workflow, collect accurate data, and ensure synergy between departments, a customized ERP is essential; Odoo implementation provides the perfect platform for customized ERP.

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