Lina’s & Dina’s Diet Center Solution

After five years, three attempts to upgrade their existing and limited software, Lina’s and Dina’s Diet Center managed to switch to Odoo with the help of Azkatech, the Odoo gold partner in Kuwait and implemented a solution for the diet center in Kuwait that fits their Kuwait business

That upgrade was required to manage 200 employees and dietitians in order to prepare and distribute around a million meals per year.

Lina’s and Dina’s is a Family Business Diet Center that serves diet meals for Kuwait market. They have a big market share in the consumer diet, and they serve more than 60,000 clients with their 4 categories programs. In addition, they were catering for the B2B segment that covers the retail and cafeterias operated in key business areas.

Lina’s and Dina’s were looking for a diet center solution that not only offered speed and mobility, but could also streamline their different operations. Azkatech, the Odoo gold partner in Kuwait, was there to help create this leap on top of Odoo CRM and Odoo manufacturing. Offering the customized diet center software solution; will allow them to keep their operations on track.

Azkatech analyzed their existing software and processes. They identified room for improvement and opportunities from using Odoo and implemented a single diet center system for Kuwait. The system that managed all three aspects of the business: the subscriptions, the retail and the cafeterias.

Subscription Business:

Odoo was customized to fit patient profiles. It allowed capturing essential information regarding weight, diet, allergies and other features with its diet center patient profile solution.

Then products were customized to create the concept of diet programs to take into account calories and nutritional facts. This requires some custom implementation to allow administering meals by portion.

Then manufacturing was customized to fit the concept of portions in the ready meals’ industry. Thus, a portion of 1 and 1.5 isn’t just a mathematical formula, instead it is an art.

When it comes to ordered meals, the manufacturing is batched. This will allow the kitchen to generate a receipt for a single batch of food (a concept named merge or batching). Once the main dish is ready it will be split back on the tray line to individual meals. Those meals are then packed into boxes for the diet center patient.


If you can declutter your workspace and streamline your day-to-day operations, you can simplify your world. And that’s exactly what Azkatech did; Simplifying their business.

Their retail business, was able to grow with the installation of Odoo ERP. It allowed them to manage the waste and return. In addition, numbers enabled them to fine tune their operations for maximum return on investment. Therefore, knowing what products sell more, on what day and in which location. All of that helped them to replenish their stores at the right time and with the right amount. This minimized the return and waste from 30% to zero.


Their cafeteria management business, was optimized and managed via installing Odoo Point of sale (Odoo POS). Many peers in Lina’s and Dina’s industry had moved away from expensive and complicated POS systems. This moved Lina’s and Dina’s to do the same but with an up-to-date Odoo point of sale system instead of the other outdated ones. It allowed to link the whole supply chain into a single system. This enabled them to tell in real time, what is being sold, what’s not and to replenish on time. This resulted in less food waste and yet increased customer satisfactions via minimizing the shortage of their preferred meals.

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