Discover How Odoo ERP System Can Help You Manage Your Company’s Resources

ERP is a software that allows you as a business to manage your day-to-day projects, meetings, accounting, and business related tasks. This tool is perfect for managing your resources.

Here are 5 ways an ERP like Odoo can help manage your company’s resources and be a part of digital transformation initiative:

1. Financial Accounting

Odoo ERP offers a module of financial accounting, which includes general ledger, payables, vouchering, receivables and collections, cash management, financial consolidation, and fixed assets.

2. Management Accounting

Using Odoo ERP also allows for your company to consolidate budgeting, costing, cost management, and activity based costing in one place.

3. Human Resources within ERP System

In the same Odoo ERP software, you can control and access your company’s recruiting, training, rostering, payroll, benefits, leave requests, clocking in and out of work, and employees’ timesheets, among others.

4. Odoo ERP Manufacturing

In the same spirit, you can manage your manufacturing resources with Odoo ERP, such as engineering, bill of materials, work orders, scheduling, workflow management, quality control, and product life cycle management.

5. Project Management

Odoo ERP offers a project management module, which includes project planning, resource planning, project costing, work breakdown, billing, time and expense, and activity management.

6. Customer Relationship Management

Also through Odoo ERP, you can work on your CRM with features such as sales and marketing, commissions, customer contact, and call center support.

7. Time Management

With the presence of Odoo ERP, you’ll be able to follow a certain time sheet including attendance and leaves. You will be able to manage tasks while focusing on the deadlines and period provided.

Incorporating Odoo ERP into your day to day workflow will save you X amount of money in just Y years. The right software will help you communicate with your scattered team, keep track of projects evolution, track productivity. Maintain and mange time sheets, share information in real time and display availability.

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