Odoo 15 New Features

Odoo 15 New Features

Odoo Accounting

Odoo Accounting

  • Chart of Accounts: Revamped account form view. Track history of changes in a chatter
  • Aged Reports: Get amount in currency, explicit column labels. Export Amounts and Currency in two distinct columns.
  • Entries: Set an entry as checked easily with the added button (be it a customer invoice, a vendor bill, or any journal entry).
  • Currencies: See conversion rate and its reverse in a revamped currency form view. Prevent confusion in currency by getting the company currency on the form.
  • Financial Reports: “Control Domains” on Financial Report Lines are added as a debug feature to find accounts erroneously counted multiple times (or even missing ones).
  • Follow ups: Personalize the follow-up email template subject line.
  • Fiscal Year: Gave the Lock Dates Wizard an updated design; Lock Date types are more easily differentiated from one another with tooltips.
  • VAT:Odoo supports companies that must charge foreign VAT, and declare VAT in foreign countries.
  • Payments: Navigate and distinguish Journal Entries from the related payments or bank statement lines. Record payments in list views to make their total accurate. Automatic reconciliation for both payments of internal transfer; Transfer payment from every partner category. Exclude partners from the aged reports thanks to a checkbox on account. Batch payments are more intuitive with new fields, filters and screens optimization. Prevent user to select draft payments in the batch.
  • Journals: Payment methods management on bank/cash journal improved, manage several manual methods to allow filtering by payment card owner. Optionally specify outstanding accounts for each payment method.
  • Reconciliation: Revamped reconciliation tool. By default, Odoo will partially reconcile invoices/bills. Fully reconcile invoices/bills in case of underpayments thanks to payment tolerance mechanism and specify the counterpart accounts for the difference.
  • Invoicing: Accrued entries, such as Invoices to be Issued/Received, can get easily generated from purchase orders & sales order actions.
  • Taxes: Carry over amounts from one period to the next on tax reports and audit those in debug mode. Break down tax groups on invoice to display intermediate subtotal (in case of discount or to manage withholding taxes.
  • Vendor Bills: The “Accounting Date” is the end of the month following the tax lock date or creation date.

Odoo Appointments

  • Invitation: Create custom invitations in the calendar and share it with guests.
  • Share: Share availability from the calendar.
  • Slots: Define a from – to date in appointment types.
  • Leads/Opportunities: Get leads/opportunities from a booked meeting.
  • Website: Display appointment types as a selection or in a Kanban mode. Building block for appointment.
Odoo Appraisal

Odoo Appraisal

  • Skills: Skills integration in appraisal.
  • Survey: Manage appraisal surveys (or feedback) and track answers in the Appraisal app.
  • Access Rights: Secure the Appraisal app with improvement in access rights for employees and managers.
  • Mobile: Revamped UX to fit mobile devices.
Odoo Approvals

Odoo Approvals

  • Activities: Activities have to be created through the Approval flow, and not manually to prevent locked situations.
  • Approvers: For each approval type, define if the approvers are mandatory.

Odoo Attendance

  • Extra Hours: Count extra hours from attendance.
  • Time Off: Convert extra hours into Time Off.
Odoo Barcode

Odoo Barcode

  • Picking: When opening a receipt/delivery, allow users to create a batch when there are several ready for the same supplier/customer. Edit quantity and packaging. Scan a product to filter pickings by product. Smart Batching: Suggest creating a batch when several pickings for the same customer/supplier are due; Picking Notes are displayed as a popup when a user starts the picking.
  • Locations: From the home screen, scan a product, and see where it’s located. In a picking, click on the edit icon to see all locations of a product.
  • GS1-128 Parser: Added the ability to scan GS1 barcodes. When scanning one barcode, set product, quantity, SN/LOT, weight, size and/or dates all at the same time.
  • Lots/SN: Improved both the view and handling of lots/SN.
  • Package Type: Define package type through barcode scanning.
Odoo Calendar

Odoo Calendar

  • Google Synchronization: Improved synchronization of recurring events.
  • Outlook Connector: Improved synchronization of recurring events.
  • Reminders: Get notified when new appointments are booked (or cancelled) by following the appointment type; Customize the calendar reminders.
  • Scheduling: Schedule the slots by utilizing opening hours.
  • Sharing: Create custom links containing specific types or employees.
  • Usability: Improved the Calendar UI.
Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM

  • Contact Form: Improved the Calendar UI.
  • Opportunities: Spot potential duplicate leads through a stat button. See all opportunities, even the lost ones, attached to a contact through the stat button. Related documents of a lead are added to the remaining lead in the merge.
  • Lead Scoring: Predictive Lead Scoring feature now completely replaces the Lead Scoring feature, which has been deprecated. Get relevant company results on all Lead Generation requests. Specific salespeople can be opted out of the automatic lead assignment.
  • Outlook Connector: Log their own email responses into the chatter to keep conversations centralized.
  • Reporting: All users can now access their own reporting section where they can see as much information as they have the access rights to see.
  • Sales Teams: Assign a salesperson to multiple teams. Dispatch and assign leads based upon rules.
  • Contact: Search for contacts by phone numbers without needing to get the formatting right.
  • Gmail Connector: Get insights on companies through the IAP integration; Create leads and tickets from emails received in the personal inbox; Create and search contacts to log emails on their chatters.
  • Mail Connectors: Both the Outlook and Gmail add-ons now support all available Odoo languages. Tasks, Leads, and Helpdesk tickets can be created from emails sent to personal email addresses in Outlook, or from the Gmail Inbox.
  • Rental: Creating either a Quotation or a Rental from an opportunity will display the same window.
  • Sales Forecast: Build the sales forecast by dragging and dropping opportunities between months. The deadline will automatically be updated to the last day of that month.

Odoo Contracts

  • Salary Benefits: Create a next activity on the contract’s benefits to perform actions linked to the requested benefits from salary.
  • Contracts: Manage all contracts of one employee in a contract report.
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