COVID-19 & How to Manage Your Teams Remotely

The rise in COVID-19 cases locally has forced us to go back to working from home, meaning our teams are working remotely, and managing them has become harder. There are many ways to stay on top of work during this global pandemic, including team solidarity, coordination, and mutual trust.

Here is how you can manage your teams remotely:

1. Clear Communication

When working remotely and at a distance from your team members, clear communication is essential to ensure work goes on as normal. Try holding a daily 5-minute call with each team member, or department, to recap on the current tasks they have on hand and project for the upcoming day and week.

2. Quality Technology

In this era, quality technology is necessary to achieve remote working. From hardware, to software, to connectivity, there are some things you just can’t do without when working from home. Odoo is one way to stay connected with your team remotely.

3. Office Attitude

Keeping a professional office attitude when working from home can make remote working so much easier. Urge your team to follow their office routine: get dressed, have breakfast, make coffee, and sit at a desk.

4. Clear Expectations

Be clear with your team about what you expect of them during their period of remote working. Workflow might have changed, decreasing or increasing depending on your industry, and expectations definitely change along with that. Be clear about deadlines and expectations of availability.

5. True Collaboration

Find ways to truly collaborate with your team, using tools on Odoo, like Odoo Discuss. In this way you can all stay in the loop and your close team ties will remain intact, despite the distance between team members, managers, and clients.

There are so many ways to remain functioning and keep your customers and clients happy, while also maintaining your close relationship and collaborations with your team members. The most important aspect though is to put your employees first.

Get in touch with us for more information on how you can manage your teams remotely through Odoo.

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