Digital Transformation Solutions with Odoo and Azkatech

2020 has proved that if your business isn’t yet digitally transformed then your business is at risk, so let’s start by defining it.

A. What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is when a business changes its processes and challenges for a better control to the changes and opportunities that come with digital technology.

It integrates all business areas whether business transformation planning, accounting, communicating or managing projects. This integration allows for an ideal workflow and productivity between clients, suppliers and employees to later on harvest data and turn it into visions.

B. Digital Transformations main elements

  1. Open-source software: to decrease cost and avoid vendor lock-in factors
  2. Cloud based infrastructure: scale infrastructure as needed to support changing business needs yet with no cost of in house IT department.
  3. Performance and Scalability: to accommodate new demands from the business.

Still not sure why we need digital transformation strategy for small business as well?

C. Benefits of Digital Transformation

  • Increased Efficiency: automating your processes will give you more time to focus on R&D enabling the business to innovate new products with new and efficient tools.

    This efficiency will help your business engage faster with different audiences at the same time in multiple locations. Thus, facilitating the linkage between supply and demand of goods or services. Adding to that it will optimize your business workflow and expand the clientele portfolio.

    Thus, enhanced IT transformation strategy which allows the company to do more with less resources, employees and tangible assets.
  • Decreased Cost: doing business via the reduction of the operating costs and mistakes. Minimizing the workload and repeated processes.

    Thus, your business will be more competitive which helps you get projects that would have been far-fetched if done in another way
  • Working remotely: When implemented properly, will help your team work from anywhere, anytime. It allows your business to tap into a larger pool of skills and taking projects anywhere in the word. In other words, it will change the geography of jobs.

To help companies make the journey to digital transformation, Azkatech, the digital transformation agency, has entered a gold partnership with Odoo. That partnership brings the best of both companies to server their customers digital transformation solutions.

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