Top qualities for an Odoo ERP partner in Beirut

Choosing a partner when implementing the Odoo enterprise resource planning (ERP) is crucial. Odoo ERP implementations need impeccable ongoing project management and consultation, and it is very important that the partner you choose for ERP is fully dedicated and knowledgeable.

Azkatech is the best option for Odoo Beirut implementation since it has years of experience in this field and takes pride in offering innovative software solutions for any business problem. Azkatech also comes in handy with ERP implementation in Beirut, configuration, and customization.

Odoo developers in Beirut

Implementing ERP in not just install, double click, and run process. It requires other areas of expertise such as business analysis, Configuration, Odoo customization, and training. Azkatech has experienced professionals that covers all those areas:

  • Business Analysts. They gather the necessary requirements and analyse existing processes and workflows. They also give solutions that may face Odoo enterprise resource planning.
  • ERP Consultants. They are familiar with the Lebanese laws, Lebanese payroll and Lebanese accounting. They configure the ERP system to implement all the requirements gathered in the early phases.
  • Functional Odoo Consultants. They are fluent with Odoo functionality and are important in mapping all the business needs required to run an Odoo ERP project without re-inventing the wheel and messing up with the core.
  • Odoo developers. Their job is to customize and implement each business unique needs that are not provided off the shelf.
  • ERP trainers. They are well knowledgeable with the Odoo ERP, close to the end users and speaks their language. They are key in ensuring that the users know how to use the system and maximize its potentials.

Azkatech embraces the concept of “software companies near me” and thus makes sure that Odoo developers in Lebanon, Odoo customization in Beirut and Odoo implementation in Beirut are the center of its offering

Odoo support, Odoo maintenance

Support and Maintenance are important for a long-term ERP implementation success. Maintenance makes sure the system continues to function as needed and keeps up with the changing business and regulatory needs.

Conversely, support is functional and technical, and makes sure your clients get the maximum productivity from using Odoo implementation.

Azkatech provides preventive maintenance too, to ensure your data is safe and your system is functioning properly.

Lebanese accounting and Lebanese payroll

An ERP is not complete without payroll, accounting, and stock. Azkatech fills the Lebanese accounting gaps that covers all your requirements including Personal, corporate, Offshore entities, SARL, SAL, VAT, etc.

As for payroll it supports full time, part time, working in multiple companies, employees beyond retirement age…and all is integrated with the accounting modules.

Customer centric approach

Azkatech believes that their success comes from their customer successes. Thus , they provide the best consultation and solutions based on customers’ needs and not based on short term sales goals.

Azkatech is different than the one-man-show or freelancers who works for exchange for money. Instead Azkatech works based on well tested methodologies in order to produce consistent quality, meeting deadlines and budgets.

Azkatech focuses on the long term relationship with clients

Cost effectiveness

With many years of experience in Software and ERP implementation, our team has the full skills in making sure you choose the best affordable option there is. The team analyses your enterprise workflows and advice you on the be best software solutions that are cost effective yet efficient.

Azkatech focus on minimizing the total cost of ownership of software via: successful project implementation and long term maintenance and support. It does so via providing a full team that covers all areas needed to implement an ERP. Thus, their ERP Implementation cost aren’t as low as freelancers or one-man-show however businesses gets more value for their dollars whereas freelancers and solo implementers work based on transactions.

Azkatech is using Odoo ERP

A key question to ask an implementer is: “are you using the system”? If they aren’t then this is not a good sign.

Azkatech implemented Odoo internally for their own use. They replaced many of the disconnected systems with one single and fully integrated system. They are currently using Odoo for: CRM, Sales, Accounting, Payroll, timesheets, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Project management, Costing and Cost centers, Recruitment. They were amazed by the functionality, ease of extension, clean architecture and thus they decided to replicate their experience and successful ERP implementation to other businesses.

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