8 Signs To Invest In ERP System

ERP Implementation in Lebanon, Odoo Beirut

ERP systems today are designed to help small to medium size companies grow and expand. Today, not only has ERP become possible for many small-scale businesses, ERP system even facilitates businesses to reach up to the level of industry players!

Cloud ERP software, like Odoo ERP, can provide you with affordable access to world-class tools, even if you do not have the necessary internal infrastructure. ERP systems today are so advanced that they can take care of almost all your processes and functions, and benefit the entire company.

ERP implementation in Lebanon

How do you know that the time has come for you to choose ERP implementation in Lebanon?

1. Your data is unmanageable

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Whether your business operates in manufacturing, sales, finance or even marketing, making sense of large chunks of data can easily become tedious and time-consuming. If you face problems managing your data, then by making use of an ERP solution, all your data can be automatically processed, making all your administrative struggles disappear. Replace clumsy, repetitive paper work with proper software.

2. Your departments lack collaboration

Are you experiencing a lack of visibility between departments? Is the data of each department restricted to itself? When it is difficult for the team as a whole to reap the benefits of the resources available, then it is time for an ERP system. A single software can reduce the hurdles by fetching data from all departments, every time the team needs it. This allows the environment to be more suitable for innovation.

3. Your insights lack accuracy

Your business needs useful insights to grow. It is therefore difficult to run a business on a limited amount of data. In fact, effective insights from your data can be quite confusing and insufficient to make conclusions. This is where ERP system comes in for better insights. An ERP fetches all the data on one platform, making it easily accessible and visually comprehensible. Now you can grow efficiently.

4. Accounting and finance take too much time

fiance erp system

One of the first signs that your company needs an ERP system is having to write the same operation in different places.

  • Did you receive a product from a supplier and had to do the following upon receipt? Update the inventory and write double entries for both, your supplier’s location and warehouse, then credit the bank account and debit inventory? An ERP systemwill have you focus on business, rather than tedious tasks, and simply receive the goods while it takes care of the underlying book keeping work.
  • Did you have to update many accounts upon selling a single product or manually reconcile VAT? With ERP, you only need to focus on selling while your system automatically credits your sales, and debits your bank and the right VAT account.

An ERP solution manages all of your financials in a single database, while all is automated: no more cross-posting information or reconciling data!

5. Your IT management is a nightmare

The problem with having multiple systems across your business is that to customize, integrate and maintain them with patches and upgrades can be complex, time-consuming and costly. On the other hand, an ERP solution makes things interoperable, with little maintenance required. Rather than adding more software to an already ineffective system, ERP technology can give you the agility to respond to changing business needs by adding small modules that communicate with each other, seamlessly.

6. Your inventory management is difficult


Are your departments disconnected? Are you having trouble with your inventory management, calculating orders and tracking available stock? As companies grow, one of their biggest challenges is often inventory management; ensuring the right amount of products is in the right location at the right time. Keeping up with an index is necessary for the growth of your business and that is why you need inventory ERP system. An ERP implementation in Lebanon provides enough data to maintain your stock properly and save time on all the calculations.

7. Your sales are suffering


Are your sales, inventory and customer data handled separately? If you run out of a popular product, will sales be off until the next shipment arrives? Are you able to track an order when a customer calls to inquire? With an ERP system, staff in every department can have access to the same updated information. Customer service representatives can answer questions without having to check with other departments. Furthermore, customers can even access their account online to view their order.

Within a consolidated place, you can have a full preview of your situation with your customer: their sales orders and volume, what is due to pay, where their last order, complaints were done, and so on. In addition, you can forecast your future sales and know what is scheduled in terms of products to be received .

8. Your access to your business information is limited

Is your team restricted in their access to data, when not in the office? The pace of business today is so fast, that employees across your company need immediate access to key data. Your team should have the liberty to work from anywhere for better productivity. A cloud ERP software will ensure your database and applications are movable. Executives can get a holistic view of business operations at any time, while other staff can get the information they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Time to take action

Today, a majority of successful organizations have either implemented or are in the process of adopting cloud ERP system.

Small and medium businesses can only embrace the latest technologies in order to stay competitive. They simply cannot overlook ERP solutions and the benefits they provide. It may be time you looked into the possibility to address all of the 8 signs above; contact us to investigate whether your business is ready for ERP implementation in Lebanon.

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