Keep track of your customers with CRM software

From the moment a potential customer shares any of their information with your company, they enter your CRM software database – CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. A CRM software provides your business with a centralized database, accessible to all of your employees regardless of their location and bridging the gap barrier between departments.

Today’s CRMs are cloud-based, mobile, intuitive and affordable; not to mention easy to integrate into your existing system to close the full cycle from acquiring customers, quoting them, closing, delivering and upselling and keeping track of the customer lifetime value.

What can a CRM software really do for your business?

  • Turn your leads into customers

One of the primary goals in B2B for a marketer is to generate new leads and turn them into customers; these are a commodity that simply cannot wait.

All leads are potential sales leads, however each one requires different involvement strategy based on different factors like: source of the lead (website, social media, networking, inbound…), timing (within their buying window or not), familiarity level with your business, brand or product… CRM software comes to the rescue, they provide you with a standard and scalable way to keep track of your leads history and communication.

Also, your business will keep in touch with potential customers with  scheduled follow-ups and actions.

  • Use business insights to make a decision

The CRM, like Odoo CRM, generates analytics based on the data collected. These insights can be used to improve productivity, marketing and sales. For example, if you notice that your customers tend to buy two specific products together, you may suggest one of the products on the sales page for the other. Designing and implementing loyalty programs that are based on buying patterns and customer behavior is key in increasing repeat sales.

  • Access information anywhere, anytime

Employees can access information they need, anywhere, whether they are working remotely or not. You can track results of bulk mail advertising, or find out which marketing campaigns work best. You can also log calls, manage contacts, schedule meetings, track emails, handle complaints and so on. Furthermore, mobile CRM software can give your customers the power to access their personal accounts and check the status of their queries and transactions. Odoo CRM allows access thru mobile or any device connected to internet

  • Store your data securely

Securing sensitive data is a major concern for organizations of all types and sizes. Credit card numbers, health records and other personal information must be stored and secured in such a way that it is available only to authorized personnel. CRM systems ensure your customer information is encrypted and stored on secure servers, not to mention that your data is backed up in the event where a system crash may result in you losing information.

  • Provide better customer service

Your CRM system keeps track of your quotation, work, invoices, and payment history with all of your clients. If you come in contact with your customer, you will know whom that person is, what job you have done for them in the past and what it cost. After all, you cannot remember everything about every customer you have been in contact with.

  • Organize your team

One of the best things about a CRM system is that it can help you organize your team and empower them Odoo CRMto provide better service. You need a system that can give everyone on your team the right information. On the other hand, CRM admin tools can even help you track the performance of your sales team and provide training when needed.

CRM for small business

A major challenge faced by companies is how to organize and manage their growing customer base. How a business handles their customer relationship management to provide better customer service and help generate new business can determine its success in the long run.

There is a wide range of CRM software list that provides affordable CRM for Small business functionalities like: Odoo CRM, Zoho CRM, Microsoft dynamics CRM, SAP CRM, Pipedrive CRM, Salesforce…

Azkatech is a certified Odoo Partner in Lebanon who works with their clients on understanding their needs, consulting on the right approach for CRM software implementation and installing Odoo CRM alone or integrated with whole range of Odoo ERP.

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