Know how to choose your ERP system implementation partner

ERP system implementation, especially for open source ERP systems, like Odoo, may be a time-consuming process with many pitfalls along the way. Yet, a successful ERP system implementation can save you significant time and money in the long run.

Due to the evolution of technology, Cloud ERP systems and SaaS ERP systems today can reach small and medium businesses, not to mention they take lesser time and resources to be implemented.



With any large ERP system implementation, it is important you understand the steps involved in order to increase the chances for a successful ERP system implementation.

It is also highly important that you visualize how a new ERP system or an open source ERP system can help your business with achieving its goals, both short and long-term; your business’s goals should be firmly established first.

Now, whether your short-term goals are to improve efficiency, implement a standard process and minimize paper work, or your long-term goal is to scale into new markets, it is important that you have an idea of how an ERP system could help you achieve your goals.

Simply put, if you know what you are looking for, you will be able to find the right ERP implementation company for the job. Questions you should think about when looking to implement an ERP system:

  • What functionality needs are you trying to accomplish by implementing ERP?
  • List of software systems you are currently using that would need to be integrated or replaced by the ERP.
  • What should the user experience (UX) interface look like to go well with your company culture?



A key aspect of ERP selection is to make sure you choose the right ERP partner (e.g. Odoo partner Lebanon).

The system requirements phase is likely to take time given the consulting process required; implementation on the other hand plays a huge role in the success of the project. So, choosing the right ERP Odoo partner who will lead the implementation is key.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when reviewing your Odoo implementation partner.

  • They have a strong track record

The ERP Odoo partner you’re investigating should have a strong track record. Check for case studies of successful implementations and ask for referrals. You need to choose a reliable partner that has experience in dealing with companies your size and scope. Do they have the needed resources to handle system implementation for your type of business?


  • They understand your industry

Different industries need different requirements, and the more your Odoo partner knows about your specific business vertical, the more they can adapt the software to your specific needs. Accommodating new software requires you to change aspects about your business; hence the ERP system must fit perfectly so you do not waste time and money. Your ERP System implementation partner, Odoo partner or Odoo Implementation partner should be up to date with industry standards changes so they can modify the software as per upgrades.


  • They fit your business well

Ask your prospective ERP partner or Odoo partner to fully explain and illustrate their implementation methodology.Ask for timescales and deliverables, and see how they understand your business. It is also important that you consider how their structure, planning and people are a good fit for your company e.g. a team of freelancing or subcontracting is not a good sign since this poses a problem on maintenance, upgrades and future functionality enhancements.You need to be very comfortable working with them.


  • They are on good terms with ERP developers

If your implementation partner is not the ERP software developer, then they act as an intermediary between you and the software company. One way to check how good the communication is between them is to see if your implementation partner has earned any awards from the developer. Odoo, for example, certifies its partners as Gold or Silver, based on various requirements.


  • They adapt well to change

During the implementation process, requirements may change or new requirements may show up. You may have ideas before starting that may need to be changed over time, and your ERP implementation partner must be flexible in adapting to these changes.


Odoo ERP Partner Lebanon

The right ERP system and right ERP Implementation partner, your Odoo partner in Lebanon could help you implement effective solutions, with minimum time and costs.

Azkatech believes in long term collaboration that is mutually rewarding that can push your business forward beyond what it is today.

Learn how Azkatech Odoo partner Lebanon will help you achieve your goals.

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