Top 10 Questions To Ask Your ERP Provider

ERP software that allows you as a business to manage your day-to-day projects, meetings, accounting, and business related tasks. If you’re looking into implementing an ERP system at your corporation, be sure to ask your provider these top 10 questions to make sure you have all the headlines before diving in.

Here are 10 questions to ask your ERP implementation partner:

1. Does this ERP software meet my company’s needs?

Make sure to go over your company’s needs and day-to-day activities in order to make sure your ERP software provider knows the ins and outs of your business. That way you can assess together whether this software is the right one to meet your company’s needs.

2. What tools in the Odoo ERP will my company use?

While going over your business activities and company dynamic, you can decide which tools offered will be used by your company. You can also break it down with a more detailed approach, like which departments get access to which tools, and which employees inside the department can access certain features.

3. What kind of training and support can you offer my company?

While migrating to using an ERP system, having hands-on help is essential to making the migration smooth and successful. Make sure to get all the details on what kind of support is offered with your package, and how long this support will last.

4. Can I integrate other third party systems I already use into the ERP?

If you already use certain CRM, calendar, or accounting systems, and you wish to continue using them, you need to make sure that you can integrate them into your ERP system. If not, you can see if there are any similar tools on your new ERP software that would get the job done.

5. What tasks and processes can be automated in the ERP system?

Most ERP systems have automation options where you can get certain tasks and operations done with just the click of a button. This can come in handy when it comes to reporting for instance, where the ERP software generates a report using the information input into the system by your team members. Ask your provider what parts of your business activities you can operate.

6. What will this ERP system cost me initially and down the line?

Aligning on costs is the most important part of everything, as this can set your company back quite a few dollars if not discussed and agreed upon prior to starting. Ask about initial costs for set up and initial processes, as well as ongoing costs that can be estimated based on future technical support, maintenance, and subscription fees.

7. How will your offerings be improved or updated down the line?

With updates in technology, software offerings, artificial intelligence, etc. your ERP software provider can expect to enhance and improve their offerings in the near or far future. Being aligned on what to expect is essential to make sure first that you know what you’re getting into, and second that you can project how you can also grow as a company with new features down the line.

8. Where is my company going in the near and far future?

First, you need to ask yourself that question, and then once you have an answer, you can discuss it with your ERP software provider to make sure their offerings align with your needs. If you have plans to expand your business drastically, this can affect the tools and features you choose to make use of in the ERP system. Moreover, if you are planning to scale down, this might also affect the offerings provided to your business.

9. Can you show me some case studies and success stories from your clients?

When you’re getting into something so big for your company, it is necessary to make sure you’re planning for success. You can ask your ERP software provider to show you case studies based on their own clients’ implementation of the ERP software at their companies. Ask for references, testimonials, and success stories to make sure your choice is the right one that will lead to success.

10. Is this ERP software customizable to my business?

When you customize the ERP software, you are left with a friendlier and over-all more user friendly software for your team to work on. This means you can include your branding and focus on only the modules and features your team members need, leaving out anything that does not take part in their day-to-day business activities which will help avoid confusion.

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