7 Ways ERP Can Help Your Team’s Workflow

Enterprise Resource Planning, more commonly known as ERP, is a software that businesses and companies can use to manage their information internally. This management tool ups efficiency and motivation and helps corporations, big and small, make the most out of their teams’ time and work. Here are 5 ways an

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Financial reports for non-accountant

For any business, its success hinges on ensuring that it correctly manages its finances. Having the ability to do this ensures that businesses can make informed decisions. To achieve this, there is a need for an integrated system that offers flexibility and ensures that all reports can be provided monthly,

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Help desk Impact on Customer satisfaction

Customers churn for reasons beyond than what you think. Here are few reasons Price is not the main reason for customer churn; it is actually due to the overall poor quality of customer service – Accenture global customer satisfaction report 2008. A customer is 4 times more likely to defect

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Top qualities for an Odoo ERP partner in Beirut

Choosing a partner when implementing the Odoo enterprise resource planning (ERP) is crucial. Odoo ERP implementations need impeccable ongoing project management and consultation, and it is very important that the partner you choose for ERP is fully dedicated and knowledgeable. Azkatech is the best option for Odoo Beirut implementation since

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Email marketing Software

What is Email Marketing Most people have probably heard about email marketing but not many realize what it’s all about. Being known since the dawn of the Internet, email marketing is still efficient to this day. If your business doesn’t utilize this method of nurturing leads and keeping existing clients

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How businesses strive with an ERP implementation

Real businesses must strike the fine balance between striving and surviving, especially during movements of economic uncertainty. There are many strategies and solutions that help find this balance, with one of the more over-looked solutions being an ERP implementation to streamline business operations. What is ERP? Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

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Average ERP Implementation Cost

The average ERP implementation cost varies depending on the type, size, and location of your organization; as well as the number of users and user types. Costs to consider include: product (license) costs, vendor costs, as well as hosting and maintenance costs. It is certainly a significant investment, but a properly implemented ERP system will pay for itself quickly.