Odoo 16 Features

Every year Odoo expands more, and new version show. This year Odoo 16 is expected to launch with Odoo experience 2022 bringing a set of new desired features.

According to Odoo’s experience this year, the priority was for the following:

  • Code clean-up and performance
  • Accounting localization
  • User experience enhancement

Below are set of new expected Odoo 16 Features:

  •  A new knowledge app is similar to Wiki, Notion, and confluence. It is integrated with all Odoo apps (you can create articles, share them with different departments and link them together. It is a new transversal app to centralize knowledge in wiki-style pages. A dedicated app icon. Accessible via the chatter, CTRL+K menu, and//command. Access rights: private, share internally, publish online, read/writer) it is fully integrated with the software
Odoo Knowledge app
  • Website builder backend and front end in a single view
  • The subscription app merged with sales
  • Chatbot: multi-choice questions and decision tree
  • Odoo 16 Accounting new expected features:
    • New bank reconciliation: multi-currency matching, simplified accounting imports
    • Journal audit report: improved readability and VAT-related information
    • Enhancements in assets: easier cancellation, better UX, accurate computations.
    • Credit limit: warning in sales and invoice
    • OCR: separate settings for customer invoice
    • Intra stat reports
    • Various improvements in E-invoicing Factrux, Peppol, Invoice, EHF
    • VAT Information Exchange System (Vies) validation and E-commerce
  • Appointments:
    • New back-end (better onboarding, more visibility)
    • New front-end design
  • Email Marketing:
    • Creates new templates from the previously designed templates
    • Change global attributes of the mailing list all at once
  • New e-learning features
  • Mail:
    • New layout for pay-now email notifications
    • Multi-company: multi-domain & servers
  • Social
    • Retweet and quote tweets from the dashboard – Twitter
  • Invoice:
    • Force backorder
    • Improved shipping methods
    • Automated baches
    • GS1 labels for lots and packages- barcode
    • Replenishment visibility days
    • Scan package
    • Pick and count
    • Force scan
  • Purchase
    • Revamped call for tender
    • Receipt/ delivery status in PO & SO
    • Shipping insurance
    • Commercial invoice
  • HR
    • Option to refuse signing document
  • Time off
    • New stress days, where leaves are not allowed for employees
    • Option delete time off from the dashboard
  • Approvals:
    • Determine sequence among approvers
  • Employees:
    • Report on employees’ skills
    • Add signature request wizard to plans
  • Manufacturing
    • Split and merge manufacturing orders
    • Allocation report for manufacturing
    • Subcontracting portal
    • Work order dependencies
Odoo Manufacturing
Odoo 16 Manufacturing
  • Planning, Revamp Tablet view
  • Project scoreboard
  • eIDAS integration
  • Stripe Connect
  • New payment acquirers 1. Mercado page (LATAM) 2. Flutter wave (Africa) 3. Pay fort (ME & SEA)
  • Rental Online
  • Studio: approvals dashboard

As per Odoo’s tweets

  • Odoo 16 will link Project Milestones to Sales Order lines via automation! You will no longer have to manually update the Sales Order milestones.
Odoo project
  • eCommerce new features:
Odoo eCommerce
  • Improved Call for tender:
    • Decide at any time to shop around
    • Quickly create and manage PO alternatives
    • Easily compare arrival and cost by line
  • Decide at any time to shop around
  • Quickly create and manage PO alternatives
  • Easily compare arrival and cost by line
  • Split your PO between Vendors based on the best option for you at the time
Odoo call for tenders
  • Fixed assets improvements
Odoo fixed assets
  • Odoo Schedules Improvements
    • Pickup option for eCommerce
    • Payment online or in-store, no shipping
    • Configured per payment acquirer
  • Max number of files, and max file size for the “file upload’ input on the website form.
Odoo max file size
  • When the company is out of stock, people tend to stop buying. However, Odoo 16 will give website visitors a quicker way to ask to be emailed** when they can return to buy: with no need to sign up or register, and even a wishlist.
  • The Odoo website editor is a part of the backend UI. Users can instantly switch from website to /web views. It feels great!
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