Hallab 1881 leverage Odoo ERP to expand into the International Market

Hallab 1881:

When it comes to Lebanese sweets, you can only think of Hallab 1881. Currently operating 12 branches in various countries Hallab Sweets commonly known as “Kasr El Helou” “قصر الحلو“since its establishment in 1881 is a pioneer in the market of Lebanese sweets.

Striving for diversification with a range of sugar free sweets along with specialized division for occidental sweets; Hallab needed to remove the software they had and replace it with Odoo ERP Business Solution. Azkatech, the Odoo Gold Partner was ready to help Hallab 1881 facilitate its way towards claiming a strong duty-free presence at main airports in the region.

The upgrade was required to replace the software that was costing high in term of maintenance, needed enormous effort to maintain and integrate, hard to maintain and slow in generating insights. Odoo ERP provided a single integrated solution yet cost effective in terms of licensing, extending and customizing it.

Effects of implementing Odoo ERP Business Solution:

Expanding into the international market with branches reaching the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Canada meant complete alignment and visibility was required. Odoo being an open-source software it seamlessly enhanced the workflow between separate entities.

Adding to that, this integration in the workflow made it more efficient, thus minimizing the cost, overheads and even less integration points. Thus doing more with the same budget. Along the lines of decreased costs, the company’s work was being done in a more productive and efficient way, since the production centers were able now to operate in a larger number and in a more organized way from one single place.

Azkatech, the Odoo Gold Partner customized the Odoo Manufacturing system to be specialized in the manufacturing of food, sweets and catering from the first step of recognizing the need until the delivering of the final product.

Kasr El Helou قصر الحلو benefited from real time data, less maintenance overhead and faster reporting. Those factors coming together allowed them to generate insights and take decision based on actionable data in a reasonable amount of time all of which creates an efficient and effective workflow environment.

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