Flag M Group Moving Along Digital Transformation Roadmap Before the Covid-19 Wave

Since 2011, Flag M Group has established itself as one of the famously known digital advertising agencies in Europe and the MENA region. Flag M Group is an international branding, marketing, and communication agency obsessed with everything new and unique.

Moving ahead with this obsession, FMQ takes care of the whole workflow from branding, design, advertising, animation, and even studio production. With more than 80 employees, they believe that the brightest ideas come from the most unexpected places.

Challenges before ERP implementation

Expanding into the international markets with 85+ employees posed few challenges for Feer McQueen. Some challenges included multiple companies management, limited visibility between the departments, lack of insights regarding the sales activities and profitabilities reports per project, client, and department.

 These Challenges magnified when Flag M Group decided to go globally and operate offices in Lebanon, KSA, Qatar, and Cyprus, digital transformation with Odoo became a must, especially before the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Solution provided by Azkatech the Odoo partners

Azkatech, the Odoo partner was ready to help, suggesting the implementation of Odoo ERP, the All-in-one management software solution. This implementation meant automating the processes, facilitating communication across different departments, and standardized the processes among offices with one integrated solution. If you look back, it was the perfect solution after everything that happened this year, especially with the covid-19 lockdown.

The customized Odoo solution was as the following:

  • Project management module to track all projects activities, communicate with client’s deadline, check team capacity, have statistics on the cost of each activity. Templates are used for different kinds of projects; thus, planning overhead was reduced to the minimum, thus having the team focus on more productive work. Timesheets became logged per task. Thus, an accurate project cost without the need for extra reporting work.
  • The CRM was the starting point of all group activities. It allowed having an advanced reporting feature with predefined and customized dashboards for better forecasts and report analysis. A job that took weeks to get ready while management needed such info to be ready within a day in a single click.
  • Odoo Accounting customization, as the Lebanese accounting-specific requirements, like multi-currencies and multiple rates for the same currencies.
  • Along with an HR part that included:
    • Recruitment: Growing required finding the right talents. Odoo multi-stages recruitment modules minimized the overhead of collecting resumes, reviewing them, qualifying, and interviewing.
    • Leaves and attendance: Leaves management centralized the team times off in a single place, and automated the approval cycle without guessing who should approve what.
    • Payroll: The integration of leaves, time off, attendance, and project timesheet allowed to automatically calculate the compensations, deductions, and different allowances in a single click. A process that saved tens of hours, and allowed to minimize the time to prepare payroll.

All of this implementation of Odoo ERP happened before the set of COVID-19, and it turned out to be a great tool that helped Flag M Group resume work remotely quickly, with minimum overhead.

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