A simple intro to the usefulness of Chatbot

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is an automated program that engages your users or customers with conversation. Think of it as “engagement on autopilot.”

A chatbot will start a conversation with your customers (e.g. thru Facebook or website chat boxes), and it understands their intent and answers their questions.

Because customers want answers, if a chatbot is helping them get the job done faster than usual, then they will enjoy the experience.

How can they help?

Chatbots can help your customers with the following:

Answering their questions: Customers can directly ask the chatbot a question instead of searching your website. It is different than a regular search since the reply can be a part of a conversation
Help them with transactions: Chatbots can drive your customers to achieve specific transactions. Unlike website and forms, a chatbot engages the user via a conversation. They get- and verify the required data one piece at a time, and then perform the transaction

Customer service: Chatbot can handle 80% of your customer service requests, and this could lead to savings of 30% (according to IBM) while freeing your agents for a more interesting and productive work. Do you recall this conversation?

Chatbot to the rescue: A chatbot can recover the conversation and continue from where it left off, as it recalls previous context.


Pitch them for products or generate leads: While browsing on a website, the Chatbot can engage users with a conversation in order understand their needs and intent, and then based on intent they can qualify the user as an interested lead, or if they are just browsing.
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