Chatbot sample usage per industry

Chatbot applications can be used in multiple industries. Here are some examples:

  • Restaurants: Help customers browse the menu, make an order, ask for recommendations, and make reservations. Reference implementation: Azkatech dine in chatbot
  • Retailers: Help customers search for products in an interactive way, view similar products, and utilise a personal assistant. Reference H&M Chatbot
  • Healthcare: A chatbot can help patients quickly find out what they might be suffering from and how to treat it, or help them get a referral or appointment. In addition to answering common health questions, it can help with medication usage and drug interactions. Coupled with machine learning, Chatbot can identify outbreaks or alert authorities when necessary. Reference implementation HealthTap
  • News & Publishing: A chatbot can help people stay on top of topics and stories, browse daily news, and share top stories based on interest or location. Washington post and TechCrunch
  • Travel: Chatbots can help to organise all of your travel info, such as reservations, confirmations and check-ins into a single place. In addition to searching for flights, the chatbot can help you with booking, like the KLM air Facebook chatbot. View a demo from AzkaChat for travel.
  • HR: Can answer employee questions about pay, benefits and other HR programs. Help firms in recruitment via engaging, pre-screening and interacting with every candidate 24/7.
  • Insurance: Chatbots can answer policy questions, help in selling commercial insurances, deal with inquiries about coverage, and submit claims. Demo
  • Financial services and Banks:  Responds to queries about deposits and credit card accounts, transactions, and branch/ ATM locations, just like the Wells Fargo banking assistant.
  • IT Help desk: Provides self service options for employees 24/7, including the ability to reset passwords and renew VPN access…demo
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