Using Chatbots and Odoo HR as a Recruiting solution

With Billions of online users, social media and internet is a perfect way to look for job candidates.

Many social media platforms, such as Facebook and Linkedin provide “job posting” features helping businesses publish and advertise job openings. Applicants, in turn, are able to submit their resume in just a few clicks. However, this is not a smooth ride; for many companies, this approach is more pain than gain due to the unqualified applications received.

Azkatech has used an innovative solution to dramatically improve the HR efficiency in regard to recruitment. It applied Chatbots forFacebook messenger (Facebook Chatbot) to screen out low quality submissions

Challenge of sourcing thru social media Job posts

Since it takes only a click to apply for a job via social medias, the majority of applications come from people who didn’t read job requirements at all. Their experience and skills just don’t fit the vacant position.

As a result, the process of screening out unqualified applicants gets overly expensive. In addition, recruiters start making mistakes due to fatigue of looking of a needle in a haystack.

A quick brief about the challenges of those channels

  • Many candidates aren’t willing to invest their time to learn more about your company and vacant position. 
  • Job applicants are in despair; they cling to every opportunity hoping that they get lucky.
  • The HR department spends valuable resources to look through all the applications, most of which don’t even meet the job requirements.
  • Social media job postings are implemented on the pay-per-click basis. Thus, businesses have to pay a commission on every submission.

Chatbot solution for hiring

An artificial intelligence chatbot was constructed to help automatically sift out unsuitable candidates and let only pre-qualified personnel to move forward in the process. 

This is how it was done

  • First of all, the expensive “job post” was  replaced with a more cost effective post on the company’s social page that is based is costed based on impression or click.
  • When candidates click the Apply button, they were redirected to a chat conversation driven by the hiring chatbot.
  • The artificial intelligence chatbot assesses applicants’ job fit;
  • If a candidatees are qualified for the job, the Chatbot asks for their email address and phone number. Simultaneously, it submits an entry to the ERP system, the Odoo recruitment module.
  • The ERP solution for hiring will send an email confirmation that an application has been taken for consideration and asks applicants to submit their CVs and cover letters.

This cost-effective hiring solution forces candidates to invest more time into reviewing the job description, filling out job applications, thus helping screen out unmotivated and unsuitable people, let alone spammers. 

This resulted in screening out more than 90% of the unqualified applications.

Chatbot lead generation scenario

Yes, it is “Lead generation” and not a typo. This process is used in Lead generation; so why not use it in hiring and screening candidates?

How does Chatbot understand whether or not a person is a good fit for the job? It’s simple, it uses a series of questions and an AI-based algorithm to stop unsuitable applicants while letting those who fit job requirements move forward.

Facebook Chatbot with Complete Staffing solution

In general, the chatbot qualification process looks like this:

  1. Chatbot asks about years of experience, skills…
  2. Next, it inquires if a candidate has worked in a certain field
  3. Shows the job requirements and asks the candidate if requirements and KPIs are clear and can be achieved by them

If the replies to the above questions are satisfactory, the Chatbot will suggest submitting an applicant’s phone and email address. The Chatbot is integrated with Odoo HR, mainly the Odoo ERP recruitment module that organizes and stores all the entries. As soon as the recruitment solution receives a candidate’s email address, it dispatches a confirmation letter inviting to move forward with a resume.

This Chatbot algorithm working in combination with the recruiting solution resulted in less spammers, slackers unskilled or impatient candidate from making it through the qualification filter. It means that they are unable to litter the hiring team’s inbox with inappropriate resumes.

Benefits of Chatbot for hiring and Odoo ERP for recruitment

A recruiting solution or talent solution featuring
artificial intelligence chatbot integrated with an ERP is able to tremendously reduce the time and money needed for staffing and thus creating a complete staffing solution. This use case showed how Facebook Chatbots or Messenger Bot can help businesses achieve the following:

  • Instead of less than 1% of qualified candidates you obtain through social media job recruitment ads, Chatbots screening can increase this figure to around 40%.
  •  Since a simple ad hooked up to the Facebook messenger is cheaper than job posting ad, you can significantly minimize your cost of hiring.
  • Dramatically decrease the workload on recruiters. Thanks to the Odoo recruitment module filtering out people who failed to submit a resume, the HR department is likely to end up with 50% fewer candidates to check.

To achieve even more impressive results, it was found that Chatbot can be setup to actually interview applicants. Bots are able to ask questions related to basic job requirements or give simple tasks and tests thus strengthening the pre-screening criteria, resulting in higher quality candidates and maximizing the impact of the hiring staff.

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